be calm. be calm

Arica, 16. Minnesota.

She/her pronouns.


I love little black girls they look like princesses

Friendly reminder that Minnesota isn’t in eternal winter and that it got so much heat last year that the school had to give us water bottles before we could leave.


take me down to the Salt Lake City where there’s salt and lakes and the lakes are salty

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What an inspiration

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gerard way??? nah what a jerk what a— [trips] [hundreds of thousands of photos of gerard way spill out of jacket] w-what a fuckign asshole i these arent mine im just [gathering them up frantically sweating] listen i just listen fuck [thousands of pictures of gerard way scatter across the floor] shit fcuk im holding them for a friend just listen

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I have started to outgrow mcr and there is no use in letting all this merch go to waste, so i am having a giveaway.

Everything pictured is included

Four Danger Days Era posters

Six t-shirts (XL M) 

CDs: Bullets, Revenge, The Black Parade, Greatest Hits (unopened with brassard)

DVDs: Life On The Murder Scene, The Black Parade is Dead

Two unopened Kerrang Magazines featuring MCR

An MCR biography

One MCR patch

and one MCR sticker


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  • I will ship anywhere in the US and pay for the shipping
  • International shipments may have to be payed for by the recipient
  • Have your ask boxes open
  • Winner will be randomly selected on September 5th (most likely at 7pm Central time)

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Pawnee: first in friendship, fourth in obesity.

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I want you to imagine a ten year old version of yourself sitting right there on this couch. Now this is the little girl who first believed that she was fat, and ugly, and an embarrassment.

This is groundbreaking

this is my third time rebloging this today. this is so important.

I have goosebumps

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We drove by a seemingly abandoned pizza ranch and the sign said “HE IS RISEN” AND the back said “HE IS RISEN INDEED” and I thought it was really funny but my parents didn’t care






Trans Guys | Bind Kinder 

The use of ace bandages for binding is not only extremely uncomfortable, its dangerous. 

Ace bandages contract around the ribcage, not allowing your ribcage to expand as you breathe, furthermore, putting you at risk for deformed ribs from prolonged use, as well as broken rib bones. 

Always use a binder, which is specifically designed for binding and shaping the chest. 

Can’t afford a binder? contact Aydian Dowling at and get a binder for nothing more than the cost of shipping. 

for my brothers in need

Things I wish I’d known in high school. Guys seriously the ace bandages can do some serious damage, don’t do it. Huge thanks to whoever is at that email taking care of folks so kindly.

Boosting for this wonderful person’s email.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE spread this information and STOP DRAWING FANART/CREATING MEDIA THAT PORTRAYS USE OF ACE BANDAGES because not all trans people know this and will attempt to bind in dangerous ways if not given alternative methods!!

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I reaaaaally like this boy

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this is so important to me


exactly how any of us would react to hanging around on alien worlds.

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reblog if you never actually bought these you just found and kept them

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